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product Compared To All Conventional Water Heaters:
As we can see from the comparison chart the operating cost of the air source heat pump water heater is much less when compared to all conventional water heaters.
It is eco-friendly and contributes to green earth.It is hazard free and non-flammable.

Compared To Solar Water Heaters:
Solar water heaters cannot provide the hot water during the non-sunny climatic conditions.

During non-sunny days, again electrical back up is required for heating the water which in turn increases the operational cost of energy.

If the entire hot water is used in the evening/night, there will be no hot water available for the next morning.

A hotel using Solar water heater for generating 10,000 liters of hot water per day requires around 80 solar panels occupying prime area of 700 sq.ft of terrace, which can be used for the roof top restaurant for generating huge amount of profit.